Traditional Moroccan Clothes

Moroccan folks area unit pleased with having a good and varied cultural heritage that’s the results of the ethnic variation of Moroccan society. ancient Moroccan garments area unit a very important a part of this heritage. during this article, i will be able to mention some sorts of ancient garments that area unit renowned during this terrific country.



We have 2 main sorts of ancient clothes:


On the one hand, we’ve got garments for men, that area unit thought-about as a required condition to be consummated on all Moroccan special occasions,Moroccan Kaftan Dresses like wedding parties, the Aids, and circumcision parties.  


We can notice several varieties of these clothes: the djellaba, a long, loosely fitting hooded outer gown with full sleeves, the terbouch or tarbush, a red fedora within the form of a frustum, and therefore the belgha baboosh or animal skin sleepers. Also, there’s the derraa, the Sahrawi ancient male garments consisting of an extended loose shirt of blue cotton.



On the opposite hand, we’ve got garments for girls, that area unit thought-about as essential to their class and wonder. There area unit several varieties of women’s garments, like the caftan, an extended garment with wide loose sleeves, fixed within the front with a row of little buttons typically product of silk braid, of Andalusian origin.


The caftan or kaftan has become one in all the foremost renowned Moroccan dresses for girls, moroccan abaya dress though it accustomed be special for men, and it’s witnessed several changes so as to form it additional fashionable and additional sensible.


There is additionally the takchita, that consists of D’fina, within which we are able to notice several colours, and T’htya, within which we are able to notice just one color. there’s the djellaba still, that additionally has witnessed several fashionable touches.


In addition to those, we are able to notice some Amazigh garments, like the ahayk, the tabizart, the tatrft or the laktib and, finally, we’ve got the mlahfa, that is common among Saharan girls and that covers the total body except face and hands.


A very specific characteristic of Moroccan ancient garments is that the use of embroidery within the decoration and of various sorts of silk and spirited colors for girls, still because the use of colors that purportedly specific spirit and authority for men.


So, Moroccan folks provides a nice importance to their ancient garments, as a result of they mirror their identity, that is inherent to their existence. you’re all invited to get Morocco through its ancient garments, that area unit a mirror of the talent, daintiness and tact of Moroccan craftsmen.

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